Phallosan is a patented device to help men enlarge or straighten their penis. The device uses a combination of technologies of vacuum and traction to add inches to a penis length and width. The device was developed after many years of research to determine the best and most effective method of male enhancement.

The device is made up of a cylinder made of medical grade silicone with transparent suction bell. The bell comes in 4 different sizes and will accommodate just about any size penis. The bell is also transparent to allow the user to observe the penis if desired.

Men who used the device reported an increase in length and girth in about 6 week’s time. The increased length and girth is due to the breakdown of the cells and tissues in the penis. The tension breaks down the cells and tissues and during the recovery stage, cells multiply adding volume to the penis and the penis also gains strength. The result is a longer, wider and stronger penis that holds an erection longer for increased sexual performance.

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The device is easy to use. Slip in on and extract the air out of the section bell with a hand pump and attach the tip of the device to the belt worn by the user. That connection supplies the tension and the constant tension is what causes the breakdown of the cells and tissues. The device can be worn for a maximum of 12 hours per day without suffering any adverse effects such as skin irritation or a strained penis.

The Phallosan is considered a medical device and is affordably priced. Men can build confidence in their self by improving their manhood and the Phallosan is the one product that is patented, endorsed by the medical community and is a medical device.

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